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RW Allen’s number one priority is to establish a relationship with the Owner. We accomplish trust through transparency. RW Allen provides cost information and breakdowns throughout all stages, from concept through completion.
  • Feasibility + Constructability
  • Value Analysis (Value Engineering)
  • Estimating
  • Risk Management
  • Technology Implementation
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Integration
  • Market Analysis
  • Cost + Quality Control
  • Scheduling
  • Fewer project change orders
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced project errors and omissions
  • Assured coordination among project documents
  • Accurate scheduling



Athens Regional Medical Center

After preconstruction, RW Allen began the project with site work. During excavation, it was discovered the encountered soils were different than the soil borings. The original foundation design called for auger cast piles (deep soil foundations) based on original soil borings. Once we encountered different soil, RW Allen called for a meeting to determine if the original design could be adjusted based on site findings. Upon discussions with all parties, the engineers determined that shallow foundation systems should be installed. Foundation re-design took place, auger equipment was removed from the site, with savings to the customer of $680,000. Rather than proceeding, RW Allen halted construction and met with engineers and the owner to determine the most efficient and least expensive method to proceed. RW Allen’s method of preconstruction does NOT stop at contract execution, but rather, it is a method of business of working with the customer and putting its needs first through the duration of the project.


St. Anne Catholic Church

After St. Anne’s Catholic Church was stalled for three years, RW Allen was asked to take the role of Construction Manager. The prior CM was unable to meet the project budget, and the Diocese and parishioners were beginning to doubt project completion. Within 45 days and after intense value analysis, R.W. Allen used alternate approaches and set the project back in motion.

The original design of St. Anne’s Catholic Church included tongue and groove vaulted ceilings with acoustic panels, structural steel, industrial glulam trusses, and architectural glulam trusses. Because the Owner was over budget, RW Allen worked with Armstrong Ceiling Solutions to develop a new product for the sanctuary: the final installed ceiling was a floating suspension system that included sound absorption above the wood. Not only did this re-design help get the project in budget, it also allowed for a cleaner look by no longer requiring panels to be installed over the walls or ceiling. On top of saving money on materials, savings were realized in labor and time because the designed ceiling installation would have required the use of scaffolding across the entirety of the sanctuary. With the updated design, the ceiling could be installed with platform lifts. In addition, RW Allen suggested forgoing the use of architectural glulam trusses for the use of industrial glulam trusses and then wrapping them with architectural millwork for beautification. The final barrel vault ceiling, although constructed in a different method, was as beautiful as the Owner envisioned.

St. Anne’s phrase of “Faith in Action” can be applied to this project.

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