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Whit Davis and Howard Stroud Elementary Schools


Clarke County School District

Goode Van Slyke Architecture

68,777 sq. ft.

R. W. Allen was charged with providing Construction Management services for the renovations of the Whit Davis and Howard Stroud Elementary Schools. Each school was identical in scope, which included 68,777 square feet of renovations to the administrative areas, media center, gymnasium, and cafeteria and commons spaces at each school, along with major site improvements.  In addition, the project included major HVAC upgrades with the addition of five rooftop units, new cooling tower and a new boiler at each facility.

Both Whit Davis and Howard Stroud Elementary schools include unique features designed to keep students engaged in learning, including bright accent colors, reading nooks lining the hallways, collaborative learning spaces adjoining classrooms, state-of-the-art technology and a modern media center.