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Unisys Corporation

Cheatham, Fletcher, Scott Architects

70,000 sq. ft. (Phase I)
20,000 sq. ft. (Phase II)

The Unisys Data Center project was just the first phase in an overall re-purpose of the building that previously held the Fort Discovery museum. The scope of services performed included pre-construction, demolition, remediation, and construction management.

Some elements incorporated within the Unisys Data Center included a lobby and reception area with a state-of-the-art security badging system entry. A raised computer floor was added as well as a large conference room and five smaller conference rooms. There are six administrative offices with glass partitioned walls. Additionally, there are two training rooms, wooden huddle booths, restrooms and a mother’s room, a break room with cashless vending, and an employee locker area. The building also has a server room that houses the servers for both Unisys and the Army along with three back-up generators. The facility now has LED lighting throughout, floating ceilings, and exposed ductwork. As an effort to preserve some of the uniqueness from the Fort Discovery museum the original clock tower was refurbished and is now fully functioning.

The second phase of the Unisys project involved an additional server room, lounge area, kitchenette, and 370 more seats in the call center.