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St. Anne Catholic Church


St. Anne Catholic Church

The Boudreaux Group

21,000 sq. ft.

St. Anne Catholic Church is a community that dates back to 1955.  Over the past 10 years, the existing church has grown and doubled in size to approximately 1,000 registered families and more than 2,000 total parishioners.  With the construction of the new sanctuary, St. Anne Catholic Church is now able to comfortably accommodate more than 900 parishioners for each Mass.

The new two-story St. Anne Catholic Church sanctuary was designed with a board-and-batton low country architecture style made to fit into the Richmond Hill/Ford Plantation Community.  The scope of work involved in the construction included a sanctuary with the capacity to seat 1,200 people, cast stone copings, stone and brick masonry, signature interior mill work, a bell tower, stone/marble flooring, a marble altar and old Savannah style brick, a barrel shaped tongue-and-groove ceiling, and state-of-the-art mechanical and sound systems.