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Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church


Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church

Studio 3 Design Group

R.W. Allen, LLC was awarded the contract for the Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church additions and renovations, including a new Congregational Life Center, based upon an outstanding track record of excellence in construction relative to church facilities.

The interior church renovations involved major structural and architectural modifications, as well as a new slate roof and relocation of the rear chancel wall. A hidden organ chamber was constructed under the chancel floor, allowing the organ to be raised and lowered via a hydraulic lift. The exterior brick and stone veneer was pointed and tucked, and a Colonnade and Memorial Garden were added. We utilized a customized synthetic finish on the elevated surfaces to complement the limestone features.

The narthex features Italian Botticino marble, and cork flooring was installed underneath pews to enhance acoustics.The new Congregational Life Center contains administrative offices, a choir practice area, a kitchen, and recreational and conference rooms. It is attached to the existing sanctuary by two enclosed connectors. Unique to Reid Memorial is the intricate detail featured in the exterior masonry and stone work.