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Paine College HEAL Complex


Paine College

Vista Design Group, LLC

20,500 sq. ft. renovation
28,500 sq. ft. addition

R.W. Allen, LLC was the successful bidder on the invited bid for the Paine College HEAL Complex. The project came in over budget but, through conducting a cost analysis, we were able to identify savings in the project and move forward with construction.

The project consisted of the renovation of the historical Randall Carter Gymnasium. The existing 20,500 square foot gymnasium was dated and had structural issues that affected the performance of the basketball court floor. The entire facility was renovated and an additional 28,500 square feet of space was constructed.

The new space within the Paine College HEAL Complex includes lockers rooms, training and film rooms, restrooms, concessions, patron seating and classroom space for health education classes. The construction is comprised of conventional foundations, masonry walls and structural steel roof framing. The existing steel building was reinforced and modified to allow the creation of openings for the additional seating. The crawl space under the gym was back filled and a concrete slab was installed to create a better substrate for the new athletic floor.