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Heritage Academy Private School


Heritage Academy

Dickinson Architects

50,000 sq. ft.

The Heritage Academy project included renovations of to the old Houghton Elementary School. The facility was originally a 1917 Spanish Colonial Revival building located in downtown Augusta, GA. R. W. Allen renovated the old building into a private Christian educational facility geared toward educating the low-income children of the community in a religious setting. The rehabilitation of the first and second floors of the facility incorporates both the modern needs of the school while preserving various historical elements.

The 50,000 sq. ft. facility features multiple classrooms and offices, a 320-seat auditorium, a media center, a cafeteria and a playground.

With a 190-day production schedule, Heritage Academy was accomplished through donations of money/ material goods and services. Preservation groups and hardworking volunteers from across the local community all pitched in to help with the needed donations. The rehabilitation project exemplifies the benefits of preservation easements and preserving the historical integrity of a neighborhood by returning a building to its original intended use.