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CT Walker Elementary School


Richmond County Board of Education

Hughes, Beattie, O’Neal & Law

60,000 sq. ft. renovation
35,000 sq. ft. addition

CT Walker Elementary was one of three Richmond County Board of Education projects that R.W. Allen constructed on the same city block. The other two projects were the Laney High School Athletic Complex and Richmond County’s magnet high school, A.R. Johnson Comprehensive High School.

The scope of CT Walker Elementary School included renovation of the entire existing facility along with the addition of approximately 35,000 square feet. The school was originally built in 1934 to house 1000 students. With modern day enrollment exceeding the capacity, the decision was made to expand the school.

The existing auditorium and cafeteria were completely renovated. New additions include state-of-the-art classrooms, a modern media center and a new elevator to accommodate handicap students.