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Chatham County Welcome Center



The Architecture Group, Inc.

22,216 sq. ft.

  • 9.3 acres of new construction on the existing 30-acres property and demolition of the existing 5,520 square foot facility
  • Significant aluminum storefront and glazing, butt glazed window panels for offices, open vaulted ceiling in the lobby, and heavy masonry
  • Two (2) covered outdoor pavilions
  • New vending machines and updated picnic areas
  • Two-story windowed atrium with 4,250 square foot exhibit area for information on attractions and accommodations in Georgia
  • Administrative offices, employee workroom, and restrooms with 70 flushing fixtures
  • 160 regular parking spaces and 20 ADA compliant parking spaces
  • Exterior walls are comprised of insulated concrete forum (ICF)
  • Potable water well
The Chatham County Welcome Center is the busiest welcome center/rest area of the nine in the state of Georgia.