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Augusta University Medical Center Peripheral Angiography Lab


Augusta University Medical Center

2KM Architects

1,883 sq. ft.

The Augusta University Medical Center Peripheral Angiography Lab is a renovation project that included the replacement of equipment within 4 rooms that support peripheral angiography, demolition of architectural and MEP and the addition of new roof top unit to support added equipment load.

The project also incorporated new scrub rooms, control room, procedure room and equipment room as well as the refurbishment of corridors, c-arm room and ultrasound room. Complete HVAC, Electrical, Fire Sprinkler, Nurse Call and Fire Alarm demolition and reinstall was also necessary.

A new unistrut support system installed, and a new LED lighting system in light coves throughout procedure and control rooms with multi spectrum controls creates optimal lighting. LCD smart glass was installed between the control room and the procedure room for privacy purposes.

Minimal disruption in completing this project was critical for the Augusta University Medical Center Peripheral Angiography Lab. It was necessary for the R. W. Allen team to be sensitive to hospital patients and staff in surrounding areas throughout the duration of the project.