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Augusta University Medical Center Pediatric Catheterization Lab


Augusta University Medical Center

2KM Architects

3,775 sq. ft.

The AUMC Pediatric Catheterization Lab project consisted of the creation and renovation of 3,775 square feet of space within the hospital.

The challenge was that part of the project involved the creation of new space on the roof of the existing building. This was further complicated by the fact that this roof space was located on a portion of the building which serves as an overpass across a main road through the medical campus. By working closely with City and Campus officials, R. W. Allen was able to conduct work and erect the new structure with minimal interruption to traffic, patients, and hospital services.

The new AUMC Pediatric Catheterization Lab features a state-of-the-art lab space for the treatment of pediatric patients at the Children’s Medical Center adjacent to Augusta University.