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Augusta Sportswear Rooflift


Augusta Sportswear
Mr. Ron Davis, Sr.

Dickinson Architects

56,000 square foot roof lift

Augusta Sportswear had a dilemma. They had lots of usable floor space, but not enough vertical space in which to install a new automated inventory rack system. Their options were to build a new facility or raise the roof height of the existing facility. Augusta Sportswear issued invitations to several local contractors, including R.W. Allen. The objective was to raise the roof height of the existing 56,000 sqf facility up eighteen feet (18’). The means of doing this was left up to the contractor. Each of the other contractors proposed similar methods of systematically deconstructing each bay of the building and raising it up with new structure. RWA knew that there had to be a better way. With the help of a specialty roof lifting contractor, R.W. Allen proposed simultaneously raising the entire 56,000 sf of roof area at one time. This ‘outside of the box’ solution had several advantages. First of all it kept the existing facility enclosed and dry. Second it allowed for a much faster schedule of six (6) months vs. eight to ten (8-10) months for conventional methods. Finally, it allowed reuse of the existing roof structure, roof membrane and insulation, and electrical and mechanical wiring and piping, which saved the Owner thousands of dollars.