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Athens First Bank & Trust (New Corporate Headquarters)


Athens First Bank & Trust Company (Synovus)

Summer Wise and Associates, Inc.

65,616 sq. ft. building
87,200 sq. ft. parking deck

Located in the heart of downtown Athens, Georgia, this brand new facility houses Athens First Bank & Trust’s new Corporate Headquarters. The project posed many interesting challenges due to its restrictive site location.The project consisted of a new three-story, cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete parking structure with a four-story structural steel building perched atop the third floor parking structure. The first floor houses the downtown banking branch of AFB&T. The upper floors house various departments of the bank, as well as corporate and administrative offices.The project was finished nearly two months early, despite approximately $300,000 of additional Owner-requested scope changes, which the Owner added to the project following GMP execution.