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Aiken Technical College Center


Aiken Technical College

McMillan Pazden Smith Architecture, LLC

35,000 sq. ft.

The Aiken Technical College Center for Energy and Advanced Manufacturing was new construction with a brick facade and a PEMB standing seam metal roof. The building houses four main classrooms for the teaching of Advanced Manufacturing, Welding Fabrication, Nuclear Quality Systems and Radiation Protection Technology.

Apart from the four main classrooms associated with the facility there are numerous other quality features as well. The scope of work included on this job also involved an instructional classroom, meeting space and an executive conference room, full glass wall to separate the main lobby from the administrative lobby, a front terrace with seating areas, and male and female restrooms with adjacent locker rooms. The instructional classroom has two folding panel partitions to adjust the room from one classroom into three classrooms if needed. Behind the administrative lobby are nine personal administrative offices and one open office shared by three desks.