Hodgson Oil Refining Company

Project Type: Office and Retail

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Hodgson Oil Refining Company

Athens, Georgia

Project Description

The Hodgson Oil project involved the renovations to the existing facility, a 1906 oil refinery, and the buildout of 30,000 square foot, twostory facility.

The project consisted of modernizing utilities, adding an atrium between two large warehouses, installing additional windows and providing a parking area.

The original ceiling joists, structural support beams and wood flooring at the Hodgson Oil Refining Company all required refurnishing. Challenges included creating the subflooring for the UGA Public Safety Office’s data center, which required R. W. Allen to remove the original structural brick beams to lower the floor elevation. The brick was then used to refurbish the interior brick walls and to create planters around the building.


Nichols Land Development


Studio 3 Design Group


30,000 sq. ft.